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Experience the difference in financing your car with Morganton Honda

Back in the day, buying a car used to involve hours of haggling, reams of financing paperwork, and frustratingly inflexible finance terms that left a lot of folks driving away less than satisfied. So, what can you expect of financing your next car with Morganton Honda? Well, to put it quite simply, the exact opposite!

At our Honda dealership near Lenoir and Marion, NC, we take it as a point of pride when our customers drive off in a new car with a smile on their faces. And one of the best ways to make that a reality is not to waste our customers' time and patience with tedious financing processes.

To that end, we've pioneered the VIP Express Sales Process here at Morganton Honda, a new way to shop for and finance your next car that takes lots of the paperwork and time in the showroom out of the equation, allowing you to do most everything online!

In fact, right here on our website, you can get an estimate on your monthly payments, complete our online finance application in just a few short minutes, and even determine whether buying or leasing a Honda is the right choice for you.

With all the resources for financing online, you'll find you're in a much better position to have a short, productive visit to our showroom since you'll be much closer the car of your dreams from the moment you step in the door. And once you've seen how simple it can be to finance your next vehicle with Morganton Honda, we're confident you'll never want to go back to your old car dealer in Hickory or Granite Falls, NC again. So, don't hesitate to take advantage of our resources online and visit our showroom at your earliest convenience.

Tim Crowder

Finance Business Manager

Phillip Krimminger

Finance Business Manager

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Service Contract

A Vehicle Service Contract can save you thousands of dollars on auto repairs. It covers repairs and parts replacement after a breakdown beyond the terms of your factory warranty. Plus, it’s easy and convenient and it can help you protect your investment.  With the trend toward consumers keeping their vehicles longer, protection is an important consideration. Vehicle Service Contracts provide the consumer with additional resources to help reduce the increasing out of pocket expenses caused by the complexity of today’s automotive technology.

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A GAP Program helps cover the insurance payout difference in the event of a total loss of your vehicle.  Don’t let negative equity catch you by surprise.  In today’s market, it is common to owe more than your car is worth. If you experience a total loss to your vehicle, will your primary auto insurance settlement give you enough money to pay off your car loan or lease? Most auto policies will only cover the actual cash value of your vehicle, leaving you responsible for the difference.

GAP Program helps cover the difference.

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Environmental Protection

Keep that “showroom look” with protection against weather, sun, pets, spills, and everyday interior and exterior Protection for your vehicle.

Exterior Paint Sealants:

A professionally applied system maintains your vehicle's "showroom new" paint finish.

Protects against weather-induced fading and loss of gloss.

Protects against damage from acid rain, bird droppings & tree sap.

Protects against permanent hard water etching & industrial fallout.

Interior Fabric Sealants:

Fabric requires care and protection especially when it's under constant use day-in and day-out.

Protects against water and oil based stains.

Extends the life of fabrics and carpets.

Interior Vinyl & Leather Sealants:

Leather and vinyl not protected can be damaged by fast food stains. Harmful U.V. rays from the sun can also affect the appearance of your leather and vinyl.

Protection means added value for your vehicle.

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