Winter Service Preparedness

Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter Months
with the Morganton Honda Service Team

No matter how often it's on your mind, the winter sneaks up and surprises you. We love the sight of falling snow and the chilly temperatures encouraging us to curl up under a warm blanket. It's not always ideal for your vehicle, though. Driving through snow-covered roads and single-digit temperatures aren't pleasant, especially when a part fails - you may find yourself stuck waiting for the tow truck on a cold night. The Morganton Honda team wants to help you avoid cold-weather situations with our winterization service.

Our service professionals offer winter care for your vehicle, a collection of services that assess your vehicle and ensure you have the right parts to handle the sometimes unforgiving winter months. We recommend viewing our list of winterization services below and seeing what we can offer you today!

Tips to Help You Winterize Your Vehicle

No one trick is going to prepare your car for the winter months ahead. While freezing temperatures and heavy snow can present tricky situations, our service team can help you prepare and be ready for whatever comes at you. Our service experts understand your vehicle needs any time of year, but we're equipped to repair and replace parts with genuine Honda options to ensure you get the best performance. Consider the following services for your car, truck, or SUV.

  • Install Snow Tires: All-season tires are perfect for drivers most of the year, but the winter months present a different challenge. Icy conditions and snowy roads can adversely affect your tires, which use rubber compounds that harden and decrease your ability to grip the road. Winter tires are better rated for colder conditions, using special compounds that resist hardening and provide better traction through the ice, snow, slush, and more.
  • Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure: As temperatures drop, so too does the pressure in your tires. You should have your tire pressure checked more frequently during winter and top off the air in them as needed. You can locate the appropriate air pressure level for your tires on your driver's side door jamb or in the owner's manual.
  • Equip Winter Wipers and Keep Washer Fluid Full: Regular windshield wipers are great for rain and light debris, but winter presents a different challenge. Snow, ice, and salt from the road can collect on the blades, making your wipers work harder and wearing out the motor faster. Winter wipers are heavier, allowing them to keep up with an increased workload. We can replace these wipers for you at our dealership. We'll also top off your washer fluid at every visit - you can often work through a full reservoir of fluid during a single snowstorm, making it imperative that you keep up to ensure a clear sight of the road.
  • Check Front and Rear Defrosters: Cold days brings icy car windows. If you don't give yourself enough time in the morning, you may compromise your ability to drive safely. However, you won't be able to clear the windshield and rear windows without a defroster system working as it should. We can check your defroster and ensure it's working properly.
  • Have Your Vehicle Serviced for Winter Conditions: Before the winter months hit hard, we encourage you to contact our service team for general winter service. We can help you prepare your vehicle for snow and the cold by checking your vehicle's brakes, cooling system, battery, and various belts, hoses, wires, cables, and spark plugs that keep everything functioning properly. Cold weather and treacherous road conditions can compromise your safety, but we can help you prepare as best as possible to avoid these situations!

Contact our service team today to schedule your winterization appointment - we'll help you prepare before the snow starts to fall.

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