Fall Car Care Tips

Fall Car Care Tips in Morganton, NC

It's that time of year again! With Autumn decorations on front porches, leaves falling and pumpkin spice taking over, the changing season is a convenient time to prepare your vehicle for colder weather. But what are those steps, exactly? We've come up with four fall care tips for your SUV, truck or car ready for frosty morning and salty roads. Keep reading to discover practices that will protect your vehicle all winter long.

Top 4 Fall Tips

1. Tire Tread and Pressure

Reduced traction on slippery winter roads might be a symptom of low-pressure tires. For every 10-degree Fahrenheit drop in temperature, your tires can lose up to one pound of pressure. It also might be a good idea to swap out your summer tires for all-season tires and maybe check your owner's manual for the right pressure for your tires. We recommend using the penny method if you've lost your pressure gauge: set a penny in the tread grooves in various spots on each tire. If a majority of Lincoln's head shows, it might be time to fill up with air. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, your tire's treads should be filled to 2/32".

2. Battery

Car batteries are also affected by the changing temperatures: cold weather actually wears them down. Pop your hood to check the battery connections⁠—they should look clean, tight and free of corrosion. We also recommend testing your battery, too. The manufacturer's date will be coded on the side, and if it's more than three years old, it might be a good time for a replacement. Batteries sometimes die without warning, leaving you stranded.

3. Heating and Cooling

The cooling and heating systems on your vehicle are nice for the comfort for all onboard, but those systems are also in place for safety reasons, such as defrosting icy morning windshields. Check your filters to ensure they're clean and performing well.

4. Lights

The lights on your vehicle are used more often in the winter due to shorter days. Grab a partner to test your lights and don't forget about your brake lights. Replace bulbs often to drive safely and legally.

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