Every Hickory, NC driver knows how vital regular maintenance is to the health of their Honda model. Even more important is taking care of more complex repairs after a collision or wear and tear over time. Many of these larger repairs simply cannot wait but can also be quite costly. Here at Morganton Honda, we do everything we can to make financing your vital repairs and parts possible for your budget or current financial situation. Learn more about our service payment plans today.

How Our Service Payment Plans through Sunbit Work

Sometimes we end up with a surprise repair that we didn't budget for. That's okay, with the Sunbit program, you can join a payment plan to better budget for your future and pay for your service and necessary parts with monthly payments instead of having to pay in one lump sum.

All you have to do is visit our website and visit our Sunbit form online. It takes less than 60 seconds to fill out your application and looking at your financing options doesn't affect your credit score. Through this program, you can choose when and how you pay by selecting the perfect plan for your budget from a transparent list of options. Then, you'll come into the dealership to complete the application and move forward with the service or maintenance your Marion, NC Honda model deserves.

Whether it's a Repair or Maintenance, a Payment Plan Can Help

Our service payment plans are not exclusive to costly repairs or collision work. Even routine maintenance and simple parts replacements can be paid for in installments using Sunbit. At the end of the day, Morganton Honda wants you and your Lenoir family to feel safe in a vehicle that's running properly and keeping up with service and repairs is the only way to ensure this reality on the streets of Granite Falls, NC.

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