Morganton Honda - Working to Make Our Community Thrive


At Morganton Honda, we're not just another car dealership serving Burke County. We're also proud members of the community. We live and work here, just like you, and we want only what's best for our friends and neighbors. We want to see you thrive.

That's why we're excited to share with our customers our involvement in the local initiative "Thrive '22," along with the Burke County Development, Incorporated (BDI) group, and several other local businesses.

Thrive '22 is a local plan to bring jobs and economic growth to our area. With a fundraising goal of one million dollars, and a jobs growth goal of more than 1,500 new opportunities, BDI kicked off this initiative late last year, and we're happily doing our part to help.

To learn more about our contribution to this worthy cause, and to hear all about the Thrive '22 movement, stop by and visit us in person. We can explain what makes this an important cause in our area, and we can tell you more about what we, and other local businesses, are doing to help out.

Get Acquainted with Morganton Honda

While we are proud of our community involvement, and we strive to find ways to stay connected to our neighbors, we are also, of course, first and foremost, your local home for high-quality, brand-new and pre-owned Honda models here at Morganton Honda.

Visit our showroom on Burkemont Avenue, and see for yourself our topnotch customer service and extensive Honda collection. Let us show you all that a new Honda can add to your daily commute, and give us a chance to demonstrate in person our commitment to you, to the greater community, and to service.

We're open Monday through Saturday.

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